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Superior Quality Fish Oils From Norway


Noble Harvest AS is a company focused on providing the best raw materials for the food ingredients and supplement industry. Our main raw materials comes from the aquaculture and fishery industry, produced and processed in Norway, prior to shipment worldwide.

Our company has special competence within the fields of fatty acids and production of superior quality fish oils. We work closely with some of the best researchers within their field and have good connection with various scientific environments in Norway.
This is important in order to maintain a high level of competence related to fish oils, latest research and product development.

We work business-to-business believing in close cooperative relationships with our customers. Basing our values on transparency, we support our customers from the
planning stage to final delivery.

Noble Harvest has exclusive rights for high quality salmon oil and high quality wild fish oils from the North-Atlantic waters. We are the owner of SALfresh® & NordicSilver®, two brand names representing these fish oils.